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Welcome to GoodRun Solutions in 2011!

A New Year has started and with it different opportunities and projects. You have received this newsletter because you have requested to join the mailing list, have recently been part of one of our projects or are associated in other ways with GoodRun Solutions.

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Before sharing with you some of our news and developments I would like to make you aware that we will continue to service clients in rural and remote areas as well as interstate. If you would like to get in touch with one of our consultants or myself in your locality to provide professional development or consultancy services contact me as soon as possible to discuss your project. Confirmed projects for the next six months are already taking us to the South West, the Kimberly and Great Southern regions of WA, Alice Springs and surrounds, Darwin, Arnhem Land, Melbourne and Sydney.


Upcoming Events

BISS workshops

14/02/2011 Darwin
Avoiding the Five Deadly Fs
15/02/2011 Darwin
Self-Publishing & English as a Second Language
01/03/2011 Perth
Avoiding the Five Deadly Fs
02/03/2010 Perth
14/03/2011 Alice Springs
Avoiding the Five Deadly Fs
15/03/2011 Alice Springs
Telling a Yarn
30/03/2011 Perth
Artwork from Around the World

Conference contributions

26 and 27 March 2011 - Perth
"Fostering Partnership" Festival of Learning
'The importance of collaborative partnerships with educators', 'Creating culturally sensitive home environments', 'Telling a Good Yarn'
09 April 2011 – Perth
CAWA Conference
'Cultural Competence in Early Care and Education', 'Inclusive Games'

Edition Topic

Creating an organisational culture that works

The culture within organisations has an impact on every facet of the organisation. This includes how we present ourselves to clients and prospective employees, the quality of services and outcomes achieved and workforce satisfaction and retention.
What is organisational culture?
Organisational culture includes the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour of an organisation. It starts with the knowledge of who you are and what you are about. It encompasses how you communicate to your various stakeholders, how you do your ‘business', what holds you together and helps you sustain yourself and grow.
When exploring organisational culture with clients I often get the initial response of: 'We know who we are and why we are here'.
Why don't you reflect a bit further and substantiate this statement?

  • When asked to state what comes to mind when they hear your organisation's name would your clients give a response that is similar to the vision, goals and objectives?
  • What would employees respond with if they were asked about their contribution to your organisation and its services? Will their answer match your description of their role?
  • How would senior members of your team respond when asked about the organisation's vision for the future? Will it match your strategic plan?

If the responses to these questions put some doubt in your mind about your original answer to the statement you may want to explore your organisation's culture further as part of your strategic planning or regular team meetings. Please feel free to contact Gudrun to discuss your organisation's needs and what we can do to create a culture in your organisation that enhances the way you work, increases client and workforce satisfaction and promotes growth.


Our News

Promoting cultural competence in early care and education

A service supported by CHILD Australia's Professional Support Coordination (PSC)
We are moving towards our fourth year of managing BISS in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. The service has come a long way from the creation and implementation of a new service model that promotes the inclusion of children from all backgrounds into children services in 2007. In 2011 we continue to respond to referrals for individual and service support. Other facets have been added to BISS such as ‘Breaking down the Barriers' a project about increasing the inclusion of Indigenous children in mainstream care and education settings. We are also sought after presenters at conferences and have published items such as information sheets and articles.
Our upcoming conference contributions will be in March/ April at the
Foster Care Learning Festival and the CAWA conference.
Bookings for BISS workshops can be made via
CHILD Australia PSC programmes in WA and the NT

Supporting new and emerging communities

Strategic planning with the African Australian Union (AAU) Inc.
As part of my project with AAU I facilitated a workshop to identify the organisation's vision, mission and values in early January. We are hoping to launch the Strategic Plan and revised constitution around March with a traditional festivity.

Gudrun with participants of the AAU workshop

Creating culturally appropriate aged care services

Contributing to the Independent Living Centre (ILC) WA Multicultural Aged Care Services (MACS)
Our project with ILC Macs focused on information provision and education of the workforce in the aged care sector in WA. This project included the development and facilitation of a workshop on ‘Culturally Diverse Aged Care' and the publication of a series of articles, two of which have been published so far.
Access the hyperlinks to read the publications in the ILC MACS newsletter:
‘Raising Awareness of Elder Abuse' and
‘Developing Inclusive Relationships amongst Aged Care Staff'

Award for one of our projects

I am pleased to share that one of the projects which was part of the successful organisational growth strategies developed during our partnership with Extra Edge has received national recognition as a state winner at the
2010 Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards
The Pine Tree Tots program which is a partnership between Extra Edge Community Services (EECS) and Boronia Women’s Pre-release Centre aims to reduce the risk of women reoffending by developing life skills and increasing their awareness of and access to support services. GoodRun Solutions created the framework for this program in 2008 and wrote the tender response.
Other projects that we had similar input into are:
WACOSS: Jobseekers2Communities
EECS: CALD Traineeship and Apprenticeship Program.

'Out of the Dark'
A project supporting Out of School Hours Care in Aboriginal communities in the
Top End of Northern Territory

A collaboration with the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education
We have recently published a booklet on inclusive aboriginal games as part of our Bicultural Inclusion Support Services (BISS) in the Northern Territory.
The booklet was so well received that GoodRun Solutions is being funded to develop a further two booklets and travel to communities in the Top End. These travels will be to introduce the booklets to educators in these communities, collect feedback on their value and also ideas for further resource development.
I would like to thank the Regional and Remote Aboriginal Children and Services Support Unit (RRACSSU) of the Batchelor Institute for making this project possible!

Gudrun's Corner

It has been six months and five assignments since I have taken on the role of team leader for independent evaluations of Disability Services Commission provided and funded services in Western Australia. What a journey it has been! Not having worked in the disability field for a few years I was amazed at the developments that had occurred in the quality management area in this short period of time. Western Australia has moved to an outcome based quality management approach as well as changed the whole process of evaluations. Evaluations are now being conducted by teams of evaluators. The selection of consumers being asked to contribute to the evaluation is random and the contribution to the process remains confidential. Compulsory post evaluation meetings are conducted to share and discuss the draft report. It has been a great experience and learning curve for me and I can only say that I am amazed at the difference of findings when we look at outcomes for the end recipients of a service rather than Standards. Having taken on this role at an early stage of the new quality management framework being implemented means that not only am I new at this but everybody else is too. Important features of my role at this point are the information provision to consumers and organisations, project coordination of a new process with ever changing teams and monitoring the effectiveness and quality of the new system. What a great way to re-enter the sector that I have focused on for nearly twenty years of my career!

Well this is it for our first newsletter. Please let me know if there are topics that you would like us to elaborate on in our newsletter – all of us here at GoodRun Solutions are happy to reflect on topics and give our opinions, share experiences, links and knowledge!

Until next time!